Concerning the latest Chainsmokers song “Somebody,” it is a great deal of pitched-up sample vocals and modular synth work. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart promised a more escalated instructional exercise concerning the process of making the song, it is coming soon, and at least this provides some tastes in the active process of composition. Some vocal parts were initially recorded for the other song, and that is the reason there is a change in pitch.

The Chainsmokers involves production and American DJ duo comprised of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The pair accomplished their 2014 breakthrough with a hit song “#Selfie” that was among top songs in various nations. Their song Do Not Let Me Down won a Grammy Award, and they also got an award from American Music Awards.

Drew Taggart, a songwriter, and lead singer for the pop dance pair the Chainsmokers, just accepted an honor as the best songwriter. The award was given by American Composers Society, Publishers, ASCAP or Authors. In his acknowledgment statement, he said that there were a significant number of individuals in attendance that he genuinely idolize and look up to and respect. To him, it was like a dream coming true at once.

Taggart was among the four winners.

He also recognized some other songwriters like Steve Mac and Max Martin and another recognition to Starrah a co-winner. He additionally said on a lighter note that winning the award does not mean you are a perfect songwriter since every song he writes he is at a steady condition of frenzy. “It is hard for a songwriter to be aware that he will produce another big song in the coming days, but the best thing is Alex Pall, and I always find a way to make sense of it. We say to each other that now this is it.” He said.

Taggart also recognized Emily Warren as his close friend, who was not in the crowd. Emily has assisted the duo in composing some hits under the Chainsmokers like, “Sick Boy,” “Everybody Hates Me” and “Do not Let Me Down.” Taggart said that Warren encourages them to certainly put stock in their songwriting capacity and unmistakably that’s the correct way to take.