Stream Energy Stands Out During Hurricane Harvey

When natural calamities strike, great losses of property, and in some cases, loss of human lives is experienced. Recently, a disaster struck Houston in the form of a hurricane. This occurrence that was dubbed Hurricane Harvey was largely destructive as many people died and those who survived were left helpless without homes and other properties.

Companies in the United States and abroad were helpless, and all they could do was to watch from a distance as people continued to suffer from this hurricane. However, the efforts of Stream Energy during these moments stood out. The firm took the initiative of using its profits to help the survivors gain life normalcy. The firm was also very committed to compensating their clients who lost their investments in the tragedy.

This case highlights one of the numerous instances where Stream Energy has been actively involved in giving out to those in need. Corporate philanthropy has been one of the primary foundations of the firm that has helped to push its success beyond imaginable levels. To ensure that they reach out to as many needy people as possible, Stream Energy has in recent times created a charity group called Stream Cares. Through Stream Cares, the firm aims to serve Texas people to the best of its limits as well as other needy citizens of the United States.

Stream Energy’s response to the Hurricane Harvey situation showed the world what companies should do when such disasters strike. Through this response, companies should learn to take philanthropy work as part of their operations as this will be advantageous in the long run. For instance, a company such as Stream Energy that is dedicated to helping the community takes a huge stride towards giving back to those who have helped the firm attain its status. The philanthropic acts of a company also provide companies with an opportunity to gain the respect of the community. Also, companies also acquire new clients who are impressed with their charity works.

Statistically, numerous companies in the United States have been following what Stream Energy does, and this is impressive. It is recorded that firms gave out about $19 billion in 2016 and the numbers keep rising every new year. It is a good trend that should be adopted by every company in the country.